I would like to create an archive consisting a series of still life’s. A representation of the “inner perspective” the intimate dialogue of my own memories as an immigrant.
My journey began when I was eight years old, leaving behind my motherland of Mexico. I came to the United State of America with a treasure of priceless memories, now enshrine in the my warmth of my soul. The battles we fight in our journey as immigrants are physical, they are mental, their torment tries to do its best to shatter every drop of our spirits. We are left with no option other than to lien in and confront our struggle, but as we scuffle with it, we learn to subdue it, so much so that the hustle to overcome it becomes an object of beauty to us. As we transform psychologically, we become a hybrid, a confliction lingering between two worlds. Still, we learn to navigate and conquer limitation outlined by oppressive institutions decades before our birth.

In 2009 my mother went back to Mexico because of my grandfather’s death. Her leaving, left me fend for myself, and her absence I have been left longing her essence. I want to explore the nostalgia through my mother’s objects, the photos she left behind, and the artifacts that I have collected during my psychological transformation in her absence.